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2020 Celebrities

Fredric Lehne
Fredric Lehne –  Ubiquitous character actor and award-winning short filmmaker. Born in  Buffalo, N.Y. but raised in the Garden State, Fredric first appeared in  small theater productions at the age of six, and in his teens spent  weekends studying at The Neighborhood Playhouse and HB Studios in NYC.  During summers, he apprenticed at The Peterborough Players in N.H. - New  England's oldest summer stock company. At the age of 20, he debuted on  Broadway in Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman while one of his first films, Ordinary People, ran in theaters.
In the decades since, Mr. Lehne has amassed a considerable resume, with over 200 appearances in films such as Being There, The Greatest Showman, The Dark Knight Rises, Zero Dark Thirty  - and episodic television. He’s been hired by some of the industry's  best directors - Hal Ashby, Robert Redford, Kathryn Bigelow, Christopher  Nolan, Adrian Lyne, Barry Sonnenfeld - and become a familiar face to  television audiences for his work on such shows as Lost, American Horror Story, Supernatural, X-Files, Dallas, Chicago Fire and Westworld to name just a few.

Mr. Lehne’s first two short films, Shy Guys and Margaret and Gary, have played hundreds of festivals worldwide and won dozens of awards.

Kent Kirkpatrick
Kent Kirkpatrick  has worked in theater and film as director, producer, writer and actor. Performing and directing for such theater companies as Shakespeare in the Garden in Santa Fe, Theater Grottesco, Tricklock Company, and Santa Fe Playhouse. He has also acted in television and film in Last Stand, Better Call Saul, Midnight Texas, and others.
He has taught screenwriting, film production, acting and directing at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, the University of California--Irvine and the University of California--San Diego, British American Dramatic Academy at Oxford University, the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, the University of Delaware, the American Academy of Dramatic Art.  He has also served as guest artist in the schools with the Santa Fe Opera and Rancho Valmora.
He is currently directing Theater Grottesco’s PIE, which recently played in Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and will be seen at Irondale Theater in Brooklyn in 2019. Kent has also produced and directed numerous short films—some which have even won awards.

Julian Bonfiglio
Julian Bonfiglio is an actor, known for his role on the Golden Globe,  Primetime Emmy Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award nominated series  "Better Call Saul" (TV series 2015 - ) as well as "The Girlfriend  Experience" (TV Series 2017-) and “Too Old to Die Young” (TV Series set  to be released in 2019). He's also worked on feature films, such as,  “Sicario: Day of the Soldado”, "Making a Killing" and "Furthest  Witness". He was raised in Boquete, Panamá and lived there for 17 years,  with his mother, Lauretta Bonfiglio, and father, James W. Nichols. In  his early years, Julian studied theater and art, acting in many Pulitzer  prize winning plays, and even directing a few small productions. At the  age of 18, he was scouted by the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency (Panama  City), and shortly after moved to Milan, Italy where he would continue  his modeling work. He shot spreads for Vogue Italia, Luisa Via Roma, and  even walked for John Varvatos during Milan Fashion Week 2012 . He now  pursues his film career in New Mexico, working his way through the film  industry. He is fluent in both Spanish, and English.

Evan G. Vourazeris
Evan G. Vourazeris plays “Tuck” on Netflix’s hit series ‘Ozark’. He began his acting career in 2017 on Jason Bateman’s widely well received show and has been a recurring character for it’s first 2 seasons. His love of acting came from watching movies with his father and the well placed suggestion from a friend that he should put his talent to good use. He immersed himself in the local film world and in spite of various obstacles never gave up on his dream to be on a film production with speaking lines. The experience on Ozark fueled his confidence and his engaging manner and ability to relate to people sparked a new desire to reach out and inspire others.
He took on advocating after his brother, an orthopedic surgeon and speaker in El Paso inspired him to use his experiences and reach out to inspire other people as well. His first speaking engagement for I’m Bullyfree came after he experienced online bullying first hand. He reached out to the I’m Bullyfree organization and in 2013 became an I’m Bullyfree ambassador. He began to speak about his experiences being bullied as a person with Down Syndrome. Evan wanted to tell the world that his disability didn’t speak for him.
He was soon invited to speak at the Houston Buddy Walk 2014 and has spoken every year since, except 2016 when he was in a serious car accident. In true form, Evan bounced back stronger than ever and returned in 2017. That led to more key note speaking engagements and appearances as the I’mBullyfree Ambassador at major events like the McDonald’s Children’s Festival 2017, and Red River Celebrity Softball Game 2017. Most recently, he was flown to Brownsville for the 11th Annual Sports Celebrity Dinner for Teens Helping Kids where he opened a new all inclusive baseball field that allows children with disabilities to participate on teams!

Since 2013 Evan has visited schools, churches, and sports events throughout Texas and has spoken to over 500,000 kids and families about bullying, cyberbullying and other subjects that empower.

Evan is regularly invited to speak on radio talk shows, promoting not only his role as Tuck but his view that everyone is important and has a God given talent and that with hard work, regardless of the obstacles or disabilities, anyone can make a difference in the world.

“My message is simple, stay strong, never give up and go for your dream!” -Evan

Chris Aguirre
Chris Aguirre has been a successful Art Director, Character Designer and Visual Development Artist in the animation industry for over 25 years, he was born and raised in El Paso Texas by his Mother Angel and Father Jose Ramon along with his siblings, 5 brothers and one tough sister!

He attended Lamar Elementary School where his Love of Art started with his first Art Teacher Mr. Ted Braithwaite and graduated from El Paso High School in 1980 where he met his second Art Teacher Mrs. Debbie Hartmann, they were a great inspiration to his future in the world of ART… After high school and went on to U.T.E.P and El Paso Community College.

Before working in the animation industry, Chris worked in a variety of creative fields ranging from, Political Cartoons and Illustration for The El Paso Times, Cartoonist for El Paso Electric Company Safety Campaign “Sonny and Sparky”, Graphic Artist in Advertising, Interior Store Design, Fashion Illustrator for J.C. Penny, Blue Jean Embroidery Designer, and even some Western Boot Designs for Tony Lama.

His first contact and friend was Mr. Joseph Barbera , “Hannah Barbera Animation Studios”. His first major studio job started at Warner Brothers on “Steven Spielberg`s Tiny Toon Adventures”, over the last 25 years in the industry, Chris has been associated with Art Direction and Development on various Television and Feature Film Productions for the following studios… Warner Bros. TV, Warner Bros Features, Dream Works Features, Dream Works TV Hannah Barbera, Disney Animation, Ardman , Nickelodeon, NBC Universal to name a few…

As a Designer… One of his most memorable characters that he designed was for DreamWorks Blockbuster… “Shrek 2”, “Puss in Boots” he also designed “Runt” the dog for “Rita and Runt Show”Animaniacs ,Warner Brothers Steven Spielberg. Chris also went into teaching, Character Design and Visual Development in various Art schools in Los Angeles including “Cal Arts” California Institute of Arts, founded by Walt Disney.

Mr. Aguirre now lives in California with his lovely wife Colleen and family and Oh! 4 cats and a “Crazy Husky Wolf” named Kaya!

He`s looking forward to the next Creative Adventure!
1st Animation Mentor Mr. Bob Singer!


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