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2020 Official Selections

Thematically, the film pulls from Jewish folklore, film noir, 50’s monster movies, and nuclear paranoia. It is primarily inspired by the legend of the Golem, a creature built from clay and brought to life through ritual. From there, it asks the questions: What would happen if the creator loved his Golem and raised it like a son? How does the idea of legacy impact self-expression? Can we avoid molding our children to follow in our footsteps, intentionally or not?

Aesthetically, the film combines live action with traditional techniques like stop-motion animation, matte painting, miniatures, and hand-drawn optical effects to create a memorable aesthetic that looks toward the future while paying homage to the past.

Through the eyes of people close to Tony Romo, as well as Tony Romo himself, “Now or Never” follows his life through his high school, college and NFL career to tell the story of how Tony Romo became the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony’s community describes the impact Tony has on them by returning each year. His father gives insight into the origins of Tony’s passion for sports. Tony’s grandparents describe their own journey from Mexico, and how their dreams of success transferred to Tony. His coaches and former teammates detail how Tony found his passion for football in high school and went on to receive a scholarship from Eastern Illinois to play as their quarterback.

They explain the ups and downs of his career as a Dallas Cowboy, how the wins, losses, injuries and ultimate retirement affected them and the community. Leaving on a good note, we learn how despite the fact that Tony never won a Superbowl, Tony has still made a wonderful impact on Burlington by proving that if you dream big, you can accomplish anything.


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